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Bub and Sol Comic Adventures at Waubonsie State Park Iowa

Waubonsie State Park Artist-In-Residence March 2021

This was such an amazing experience and a time I will always cherish. I was able to spend time focusing on my creative goals and exploring new approaches. I hiked everyday and the park was my partner in my artistic and personal growth. During my residency I completed these daily mini paintings as a way to reflect on the adventure I had that day. At the end of my residency I had a visual timeline of my stay. With permission from the park I collected a fallen brach and assembled the piece for display. 

Journal excerpt- March 7th 2021 

“I have arrived at Waubonsie State Park in Iowa to begin my residency. For 3 weeks I will call this little cabin home. The cabin is the perfect size. I love it’s simple layout and can imagine having something like it on my own land one day.”

Kahiga Artist-In-Residence cabin at Waubonsie State Park

Journal excerpt- March 13th 2021

“I feel like I’m on the cusp of figuring some things out. I miss my family but I’m so grateful I have a couple more weeks to explore and learn. The rain is coming which will be a great way to see the landscape change so I will try and get in a hike before.”

Waubonsie State Park Shelter
Sandhill Crane Migration
Kahiga Cabin at Waubonsie State Park

Journal excerpt- March 10th 2021

“When I was hiking I startled a rabbit and it startled me. I started to become aware of how loud I was. I started to move more quietly and with more awareness of my surroundings. I think this is a lesson Id like to carry with me. Moving quietly and with awareness.” 

Loess Hills Waubonsie State Park

Journal excerpt- March 21st 2021

“Just wrapping my head around the epic adventure yesterday. The Sandhill Cranes were amazing to see. My new friends are such wonderful people. I feel like if I try to explain the incredible moment yesterday it will be a poor attempt.”

Watching the Sandhill Crane Migration

Journal excerpt- March 26th 2021

“Last full day at Waubonsie. In a way it’s gone slow but it also feels like it’s flown by. I love the woods. I love these open spaces and I love the solitude. I feel recharged.”

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