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"Memorak" 2020

When a memory and feeling is so strong for a place a bit of it slips out. These bits get pulled into invisible airstreams that contain similar feelings (this one happens to be about outdoor spaces). These collect like leaves caught in a stream creating a dam. These bind together and become creatures known as Memory Keepers or Memoraks for short. I draw them often and they are everywhere. Some are big, some small and all are tied to a particular space or idea. This one has over 600 hand cut and hand sewn up-cycled fabric leaves. Inside him are responses gathered from social media when I asked people about their favorite outdoor spaces and memories.

Window Painting, Hilton Downtown Columbus

Ohio Governors Show Awards

2018 Governor's Awards 

Watercolor, Prisma Color
on wood with Dremel carved detail

6x6" each, set of 25

The Welcoming

2015 Short North Mural
Heat-set Vinyl on brick,
Original 24x36 on wood
Columbus, Ohio

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